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5424Re: Dimensions Question

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    Dec 1, 2002
      Rex, It is just me and Sugar Booger. I like using the larger pots or
      the number 12, when just cooking for two. Sugar Booger and I love the
      left overs.
      She fixed up a pot of Turkey Soup yesterday. No more sandwiches! We
      put the rest in the freezer for next time. Santa Fe Soup works great

      --- In dutchovencooking@y..., "Rex" <rex0122@y...> wrote:
      > I'm one of the silent majority that's been reading this board a
      > now, an old eagle scout from the early sixties, that's been cooking
      > in the same 12 inch pot for 33 years.
      > My question is this: will a new Lodge Logic 10 inch oven fit into a
      > Volcano with the adjustment screws all the way in? There's only two
      > of us now and I find myself cooking less pot meals, so I'm
      > considering a 10", but still want to use my Volcano so I don't have
      > to bend over so far. Thanks in advance for your answers.
      > Rex
      > rex0122@y...
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