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  • Fran L-G
    Aug 1, 2008
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      --- In dutchovencooking@yahoogroups.com, "smd482000" <smd482000@...>
      > I lost my D.o. cook books in a move so trying to pick some tips

      If you're looking for some great free cookbooks that you can download,
      check out the Macscouter website --


      In particular, I like "The Dutch Oven Cookbook" by Mike Audleman &
      John Lyver, and "The Geezer Cookbook" by Dwayne Pritchett. The Dutch
      Oven Cookbook gives some good tips along with plentiful recipes while
      The Geezer Cookbook has recipes that I find interesting using Coca-cola.

      Next, I always like to recommend Cindy's handy little flip cookbook,
      very portable to stash it in your gear, called "Campfire Cooking with
      Black Pot Demo's" --


      Fran L-G
      Cleveland OH
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