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48832Re: Timing Cinnamon Rolls for Breakfast

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  • joe parajecki
    Jul 1, 2008
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      Whether I am making Cinnamon Rolls at home or on the trail I do like
      we did in the Bakery!

      We mixed and shaped them before we went home the day before (before I
      go to bed).

      In a Bakery we have a special piece of equipment called a retarder,
      basically a special refridgerator that allows yeast doughs to rise
      slowly. A cooler will work just fine

      You cannnot leave it as a log because when you cut them you will
      deflate the rise that has already happened.

      The night before at camp I mix the dough, shape and cut them. I then
      put them in foil pie pans and wrap them real loose with plactic wrap
      sprayed with Pam. In the morning I am up about a half hour before
      everyone else and in that time I preheat the DO's and temper the
      rolls. Tempering means you allow them to loose the chill they got the
      night before, just take them out of the cooler and unwrap them. Put a
      towel over them so the bugs don't get at them and let them sit for
      the 30min.

      Then I bake them and they will be done just as everyone is having
      thier first cup of coffee.


      P.S I usually make these towards the last day of camp so I know I
      have plenty of cooler space for them to rise overnight.

      > --- In dutchovencooking@yahoogroups.com, "Hotmail K2outside"
      > <k2outside@> wrote:
      > >
      > > I'd love to make cinnamon rolls while on an upcoming camping
      > Looking
      > > at the recipes I find, it looks like I'm in for two hours from
      > time my
      > > feet hit the ground until we're eating hot rolls. That includes
      > mixing,
      > > kneading, rising, rolling out, filling, rolling up, slicing,
      > placing, rising
      > > and baking. So, I'm either getting up two hours before my
      > partners
      > > or we're eating two hours after we all get up. Or, I guess I
      > get up
      > > one hour before them and we eat one hour after they all get up.
      > I'm not
      > > crazy about getting up much earlier. My baby hasn't been
      > through
      > > the night well recently, so sleep is precious! Another option
      > would be to
      > > make them the night before, but, then, they're not fresh in the
      > morning and
      > > I run the risk of them sweating in the DO, getting soggy. But,
      > > 10-hour-old rolls just fine if stored properly (under a towel?)?
      > have
      > > seen that some folks do everything to the last rise the night
      > before, then
      > > chill 'em overnight. I will have some limited refrigeration.
      > space,
      > > it'd probably make sense for me to stop before cutting them, so
      > just
      > > store the log. What do ya'll do?
      > >
      > > Right now, I'm considering using the recipe for "Best Ever
      > Rolls"
      > > from _The_Dutch_Oven_Resource_. The picture sure looks yummy.
      > >
      > > -kathleen
      > >
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