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48826Timing Cinnamon Rolls for Breakfast

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    Jun 30, 2008
      I'd love to make cinnamon rolls while on an upcoming camping trip. Looking
      at the recipes I find, it looks like I'm in for two hours from the time my
      feet hit the ground until we're eating hot rolls. That includes mixing,
      kneading, rising, rolling out, filling, rolling up, slicing, placing, rising
      and baking. So, I'm either getting up two hours before my camping partners
      or we're eating two hours after we all get up. Or, I guess I could get up
      one hour before them and we eat one hour after they all get up. I'm not
      crazy about getting up much earlier. My baby hasn't been sleeping through
      the night well recently, so sleep is precious! Another option would be to
      make them the night before, but, then, they're not fresh in the morning and
      I run the risk of them sweating in the DO, getting soggy. But, are
      10-hour-old rolls just fine if stored properly (under a towel?)? I have
      seen that some folks do everything to the last rise the night before, then
      chill 'em overnight. I will have some limited refrigeration. For space,
      it'd probably make sense for me to stop before cutting them, so I'd just
      store the log. What do ya'll do?

      Right now, I'm considering using the recipe for "Best Ever Cinnamon Rolls"
      from _The_Dutch_Oven_Resource_. The picture sure looks yummy.

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