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481Re: Red Eye Gravy

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  • bettyandthem
    Oct 2, 2000
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      Somehow the brain inserts the correct phrase or
      corrects spelling without really thinking about it. I
      hadn't checked in here in a while and was pleasantly
      suprised by the gravy. Here I am back again. We don't get
      much chance to cook in the oven out doors, but the
      guys did go on a scout trip this weekend and did the
      old reliable cobbler with cake mix and pie filling.
      They even brought leftovers home, shame on them, don't
      they know I'm trying to diet?! Anyway, I did try a
      different cake recipe in the indoor oven. I tried the choc.
      cake mix with a dark soda and cherry pie filling. It
      was delicious, but the soda and cake mix didn't mix
      together like it does with a white mix and creme soda.
      Humm, think I will mix the cake mix and the soda
      together before pouring over the pie filling next time.
      Really good, not diet.
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