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47148Re: [Dutch Oven Cooking] Re: cleaning a dutch oven

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  • John White
    May 1, 2008
      Thanks I will try it, it sounds good as the oven is
      pretty rusty.

      --- Melvin Rose <mlvnrs@...> wrote:

      > Here is how I do it. Take a large PLASTIC tub and
      > put the dutchoven
      > in it. Submurge the oven in water until there is
      > about two inches of
      > water over the top of the oven. Now mix in 2 cups of
      > Arm & Hammer
      > clothes washing soap in the water. Next clamp a
      > steel rod of some
      > sort to the side of the tub, don't let it touch the
      > oven. I use a
      > piece of rebar but it dosen't really matter as long
      > as it is bare
      > steel. Now take a 12 volt battery charger and place
      > the NEGATIVE
      > clamp onto the rim of the oven farthest away from
      > the rod. Place the
      > POSITIVE clamp to the rod. Plug er in. What this
      > does is set up
      > electrolysis. It will clean the pot while
      > sacrificing the steel rod
      > (sacrifical anode). It doesn't matter what the
      > amperage of the
      > battery charger is because the whole getup won't
      > draw but maby 2 amps
      > at first, then fall off to nearly nothing. Leave er
      > in thar for 3
      > days. Yep, 3 days. then scrub it real good with
      > steel wool and clear
      > water and you will have a bare steel pot. Be sure
      > and season it
      > imediately because it will rust fast. I do the pot
      > first, then I do
      > the lid seperately. It takes 6 days to do both
      > pieces but it is
      > really worth it if the oven is really dirty. The
      > water and soap
      > solution can be used over and over.
      > To season the oven rub it good with salad oil and
      > bake it one hour
      > at 350 degrees. Warning, it makes a lot of smoke. I
      > do it outside in
      > a gas grill. Let cool slowly , then wipe it down all
      > over with
      > mineral oil. Thats right, mineral oil. It never goes
      > rancid.
      > If you clean both pieces then you will have to
      > season each piece
      > seperately as you clean them.
      > Good luck, Melvin

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