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45077Re:In Germany they have a meal called Bauernfruiestueck ("Farmer's Brea

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  • Carsten Bothe
    Jan 31, 2008
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      As I am German I like to give you the real recipie like we make it

      It is made from leftover potatoes. They must be cooked the day before
      to get the waxy texture. Slice them in the thickness of a lead pencil
      and fry them in butter (lots of them, ist is a dish for working man).
      To one pound of potatoes add 1 cup bacon cut in squares, 1 cup onions
      finely chopped, and turn over in pan or Dutch-Oven until potatoes are
      golden brown and bacon is done. Add salt and pepper and top with some
      eggs, 4-6 will be sufficient. turn over in the pan until egg settles.

      Pile on plate and serve with pickled cucumber on the side (the stuff
      with vinegar, not the salty one used for Hamburger buns)

      No cheese!

      this is a typical dish made from leftovers for the evening meal or as
      second breakfast around ten o clock

      BTW in Germany we ate breakfast at 0700, with rey bread and cold cut,
      have some bread and cold cut at 1000, the warm meal is at 1200, when
      family geathers, childs are out of school, at 1600 we have some cake
      and a cup of coffee, evening meal is at 1900 with bread and cold cut,
      then we start drinking beer (just kidding!)

      Carsten Bothe
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