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42738Re: Fourth National DOG

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    Oct 1, 2007
      WELL!!!! Biscuit made it home today at 330 pm. We were about the
      last ones to leave. Mark Da Fork, T-Bone andDa Bear were still
      there. On our way out Fran and Ray were breaking camp. We drove by
      for a last visit with Cee Dubs and Penny. We must have visited about
      an hour before we left. They are such nice folks to talk to and we
      all said our good byes. There is a tear in my eye.

      Just to give you a count on how many? We had 170 cooks and about 600
      in the park on Saturday. We had about 400 and the Friday night
      meal.Everyone I talked to had a wonderful time and loved this park.
      Had lot's of time to visit. Just hated to go.

      Sunday night, Sugar Booger and I went by Captian Midnights camp. We
      had an evening meal with T-Bone, Alabama Tigger, Fran and Ray, Da
      Fork and Kathy, Pump Dr. and Evelynn, and Da Bear. I hope I did not
      miss anyone. I got to taste some of the caps Gumbo. It was tastey. I
      am sorry he did not win, but I did have to let out my belt buckle a

      I just want to THANK Everyone who came this weekend. Itwas nice to
      see Old Friends and make new ones over a camp dutch oven. I got to
      visit with the OK bunch. I good group of nice folks. They have one
      BIG Tee Pee.

      Johnny, Cee Dubs and penny and John G. Ragsdale, yall were such a
      delight to have at our event. We enjoed the memories that will last
      a life time.


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