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42348Re: Someone Was Wondering About A Pork Brisket, Here s The Answer

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  • Wishbone
    Sep 1, 2007
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      I'll have to Agree with Johnny 100% on cooking Full Ribs. Cutting them
      down for St Louis Style or Baby Back Ribs youre loosing so much meat &
      Flavor. I love the Flap or Brisket end. I slow cook my ribs on a Weber
      Kettle Grill with a Rib rack that holds 4 Slabs. We use only Salt &
      Pepper as a Rub. I cook them for about 3 to 4 hours with indirect heat.
      When finishing them up I lay the all flat & use BBQ sauce on them for
      flavor. Cooking for somewhere between 5 to 7 minutes more on each side.
      I like Wet Ribs. I also use a BBQ sauce that I mix KC Masterpice Orig.
      with a small can of Crushed Pinapple & Honey. I just mix to taste.
      Usually a 1/2 bottle sauce, small can crushed pinaple(about the size of
      Tuna Fish can) & about 1/2 bottle of Honey. (one of them little Bear
      size) UMMMMMMM GOOD. Wishbone
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