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41629Re: Dinner today

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  • Wenda Stephens
    Aug 1, 2007
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      Yes, You are bad, thanks.. I may try that, but you know it's just nice
      to be in a room that has all the stuff and you can size it and weigh
      it, and go ohhh.. and ahhh.. Sort of the difference between buying
      clothes from a store, and buying it on the internet. We just went
      through that buying my son a swimsuit at the marked down prices, he
      liked it on the internet and did not even need to open the package when
      it came. He did not see the light plaid design in it from the internet.

      I recently bought a charcoal chimney of internet. When it came, I was
      shocked at how large it was, compared to others I have seen. I kept it
      but the size is causing problems with my lighting the charcoal. As have
      way to much basket for the tiny amount I need to start up.


      --- In dutchovencooking@yahoogroups.com, "nanny2gm" <nanny2gm@...>
      You could then go to Lodge_Sevierville@...
      > <mailto:Lodge_Sevierville@...> and order from them and get the
      > 20% outlet discount and if it's shipped outside Tn. you do not pay
      > tax. That goes for anyone who is reading and interested so I hope she
      > ready because I told her I was getting this information for some
      > who lived out of state. I didn't happen to mention how many friends
      > though-OOPS!! My bad!!
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