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39526RE: [Dutch Oven Cooking] Pig pan tale

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  • Lori McClay
    Jun 1, 2007
      Or just average the price you paid on all 4 <grin>


      Nandor Petrov <npetrov@...> wrote:
      Hi Julie,

      No, I did not.

      To me NAPA pan was worth the price when I bought it, since I wanted one.
      After it became evident that it was the same pan as the Tractor Supply Co.
      pan, I did not have the time or the inclination to drive back and explain
      why I did not want it.

      As you said, it pays to look around.

      Now I have four pans, one worth more than the other three. I will look
      after the pricy one better. ;))


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      Question. Did you take the NAPA pan back for a
      refund? You could've bought almost three more! I
      guess it pays to look around. {grin}
      Julie from San Berdoo
      --- Nandor Petrov <npetrov@...> wrote:

      > Hello list,
      > I have been paying close attention to the posts
      > detailing the utility hog
      > pans. Since I have been thinking of getting a
      > couple I decided to head down
      > I29 to the nearest NAPA dealer to pick up a couple.
      > Friday night I looked at
      > the NAPA inventory and found one pan was left at the
      > parts store. Printed
      > out the part number, picture and the price with the
      > address of the dealer.
      > So early Saturday morning headed south and arrived
      > at the store around noon.
      > Asked the guy behind the counter where the pans were
      > located. He saw the
      > printout in my hand with the part number on it and
      > asked to see it. He
      > walked over to the shelf and pulled off the only pan
      > he had left. Looked at
      > my printout and checked the computer and said that
      > my printout indicated
      > that his price should be less than the computer
      > listing. Mine showed that
      > his price should be $9.41 his computer listed the
      > same pan at $14.44 plus
      > tax for a total of $15.41. Since head office shows
      > $9.41 that is what he
      > will charge me for the drain pan. Total cost with
      > tax, $10.05.
      > http://tinyurl.com/yu94f7 But, there is only one
      > pan left.
      > So, I bought the pan. About three miles straight
      > down the road and on the
      > west side of I29 is a Tractor Supply Co. dealer.
      > Since I printed out this
      > inventory item also, I thought to check it out,
      > perhaps it is a different
      > pan, lower gage, maybe. Walked in and found a half
      > dozen pans on the shelf.
      > The same pans. Except these had the manufactures
      > name on them where NAPA
      > had their own sticker. Same pan, same gage and same
      > size. The only
      > difference, $3.48 plus tax per pan.
      > http://tinyurl.com/3cklax That is
      > $14.44 per pan verses $3.48 per pan. So, I bought 3
      > of them for $11.25.
      > Better deal than one for $10.05.
      > Now, the moral of the story? Pay attention to what
      > is discussed on the
      > list. What you will learn will save you money.
      > Kidding of course. This
      > just illustrates that there are many resourceful
      > people on the list and
      > their impute is valuable.
      > On what I saved by not buying the four pans at NAPA,
      > we ate our faces off at
      > Famous Dave's BBQ and left a decent tip.
      > That is the end of my pig pan adventure.
      > Anyone with a similar experience?
      > Nandor
      > from the Great White North, VE4 country

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