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3087Re: [DUTCH OVEN COOKING] What to buy

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    Apr 2, 2002
      I looked at the MACCA site. I can't imagine ever needing one of those
      huge ones. I'd like to have several sizes eventually, but I will
      probably just buy a 12" for now. I'm really looking forward to shopping
      tomorrow. Cobbler sounds really good right now. I need to find a recipe
      for some. Maybe raspberry. mmm this is gonna be lots of fun hanging out
      in this group with you folks :-)


      Tom Thumma wrote:

      > Hi Karen....glad I could pass on information. That's how I got started
      > too. If there are only three in your family consider getting a 10"
      > too. Bout the 12" DO.....get a regular one. Lodge does make deep DOs
      > in 12" and 14". They are mostly for larger groups. They 12" regular is
      > probably the best baker for biscuits, bread, dump cakes and cobblers
      > there is! Now if you want a REAL BIG DO check out the link to MACCA.
      > They make some real big DOs.
      > Tom

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