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2894Cracked Pot

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  • mississippi_biscuit
    Mar 1, 2002
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      I bought a 12 inch deep Dutch Oven some time ago.
      It was made by Centry Products in Bham, AL.<br>I got
      it at a thrift store. The pot was covered in lard
      and sticky. So, I built me an ole fire and put coals
      inside and outside of pot.<br><br>When ashes burn down a
      bit, I pour them out of pot and set it aside to cool.
      This was spring time and not too cooled outside. When
      my pot cooled down, it had a 2.5 inch crack down the
      side of it. From the rim down. I guess the outside air
      made it crack or it was cracked already.<br><br>So my
      Ole Cracked Pot is sitting in the store
      room.<br><br>So remember to let your pots cool down in the oven
      first, before you take em out.<br><br>Or you will have a
      Cracked Pot.
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