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26150RE: [DUTCH OVEN COOKING] Re: Great idea to support our troops

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  • Jim Armstrong
    Jun 2, 2005
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      I served in the military during the Vietnam era and now have two sons
      serving. One son returned from Iraq in March and the other is there
      until the end of the year. From pictures my sons have shown me, the
      injuries are horrific since most of the injuries are from bombings.
      Those injured soldiers need all the support we can give them. Just to
      know that someone cares means a lot. This is not political. It's just
      plain old red, white, and blue Americanism.

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      Good morning everyone,

      I did hesitate to send the info that I did but I do not see it as
      political at all. All I see is 1000s of American men and women out there
      fighting in harsh and scary conditions and whatever your political
      affiliation as a mother I am bound to send love and support to the

      NO POLITICS involved.



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