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  • DutchOvenDave@aol.com
    May 1, 2004
      As does Mark, I now own over 50 DOs. 66 to be exact. I am even crazier
      because I like to take most of them with me when I do training. I started
      building 3/4 inch plywood boxes to make it easier to stack when transporting them to
      the training sites but soon realized that it was costing me more to build a
      box than to buy a DO. I couldn't have that so I started looking for a trailer
      and found a 7' x 14' enclosed Wells Cargo trailer and won the bid last week.
      Yesterday I went to the lumber yard and bought the lumber to build shelves down
      both sides and should have enough room for all of my DOs. Now I will have a
      place to store my DO stuff and I have also cut my loading and unloading time
      in half. The cost justification on this venture is that it was costing $50.00
      a box with the hardware and if you multiply that by 66, plus future
      acquisitions, it is more than the cost of the trailer. Plus time is worth something so,
      if I can save a minimum of two hours of loading and unloading and do 10
      training sessions per summer, in a few years I have started saving money. After a
      while the return on investment is complete.
      The difference between Castironitis and a Quadruple Bypass? A Quadruple
      Bypass is treatable, Castironitis isn't. At least, I haven't found a cure as yet.
      The only thing that seems to help is to buy another DO.
      On the matter of wooden boxes. When I traveled from NY to Salt Lake a year
      ago for the spring convention I wanted to take one of my DOs with me to cook at
      the DOG. It was a hard decision to make, taking only one and leaving all the
      rest at home. The security folks at the airport had never heard of someone
      checking as luggage a wooden box with a 12" DO in it. Caused quite a scene and
      everyone there was into the act before I got it checked in.
      This is a feeble attempt to justify and explain my way of handling the
      disease of Castironitis. It isn't going to go away and since there is no known
      cure, (heaven forbid that one ever be found), I am only trying to cope with it.
      And you know what? I am having FUN!

      As one Castironitis afflicted person to another, "keep those DOs hot and full
      of good food".


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