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1707Re: China made Dutch Ovens

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  • CaptMidnight1943
    Sep 1, 2001
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      Howdy Pumpdr!<br><br>While I haven't seen any
      ironware made in India yet(I've heard that some American
      companies are casting over there), I have been following
      the quality of the made in China cookware for a while
      now.<br><br>I have noticed quite an improvement in casting
      quality lately(the DO I just bought) as to impurities--I
      don't know--I do know that cast iron can and is
      recycled all the time-into new forgings of different
      types.<br><br>Wouldn't be a bit surprized to find out that my old Chevy
      6 motor block ended up in my Lodge 12 inch
      do.<br><br>I would be interested to know, how much of the
      material(cast iron) Lodge uses, is in fact-recycled
      material--if you happen to find out, please let me
      know.<br><br>Lodge is a fine company and has been in the ironware
      business for many years-I have 3 of their Dutch ovens, as
      well as many skillets, a griddle and their extra heavy
      duty BBQ grill.<br><br>Since Texsport is a local
      company(in my area) I will attemp to find out what is in
      fact, in their iron products. Since Texsport is a USA
      compnay, I'm sure they are not about to import something
      that will end up in legal
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