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13863Re: JAN 2004 is a Bell Ringer! 1500

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  • Ken Brown
    Feb 1, 2004
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      Howdy, Y'all!
      Y'all just think about that li'l 5 inch pot that got so many to post
      so much this last month. Then we have the recipes designed just for
      the 5 inch. Next, someone will write "The 5 inch Dutch Oven Cookbook"

      Isn't it amazing how little things can bring so many people together?

      Maybe when everyone's orders have been shipped, and everyone has a
      chance to practice a little, we could have a DOG dedicated just to the
      5 inch oven! The first annual (that I know of, anyway) 5 inch dutch
      oven cookoff! It has a nice sound to it!

      Welcome to all the new members this month. For all the new members,
      there is an ailment called "castironitis" and while it is catching, it
      is not fatal. However, it is expensive!

      --- In dutchovencooking@yahoogroups.com, "\"BISCUIT\"" <n5hbb@y...> wrote:
      > WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1500 post for JAN 2004.
      > Thank You for being apart of the Dutch Oven Cooking group.
      > 2004 is looking like a great dutch oven cooking year. We hope the
      > fire bands are removed this year, so our friends can cook.
      > We ask, each member to fill out a Yahoo Profile on yourself. This
      > will let folks know alittle something about you and where you are
      > located.
      > Those without a profile, may get removed from the group. Thanks for
      > your understanding.
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