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20111Re: Transport nostalgia

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  • sixtyseventoshi
    Apr 16, 2013
      Thank you! YouTube has so many international truck programs I'd never heard of! Shows like T.I.R., Fernfahrer, etc.

      One warning / request for my fellow uptight, puritanical American viewers: Transport does have some very brief nudity in some of the episodes. Please, PLEASE, DO NOT flag the program. If you don't wish to view such material then DON'T WATCH IT! Please do not deprive others of this classic program because of something YOU personally find offensive.

      Funny, this isn't even an issue anywhere else in the world. But that's a typical American't for you.......see a bare boob and they can't hit the flag button fast enough YET let's all clamor for gay marriage to show the world how "open minded" and "tolerant" they are. *sigh*

      Cheers, Toshio

      --- In dutchmodeltruckclub@yahoogroups.com, cintrans <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Back in 1983 there was a series on the Belgium & Dutch public television. The series was called Transport and was about "life on the road"
      > I just found the series back on YouTube. Do a search for "Transport 1983" and enjoy some '80 vintage trucks...
      > Jean-Pierre
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