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321my parking garage, lunch, foreplay...tomorrow?

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  • Casee
    Aug 8, 2007
      my husband is installing an extra bathroom poolside. there is a perfect size hole (unless you have a huge cock) to stick your dick through into the adjoing room. come around the side of my house(perfect if you look like a repair man) enter into the unfisnished bathroom and I'll service you from the other side. you can leave when your done, no talking or small talk. i want to do this before the hole gets patched up. its been a huge fantasy of mine ever since I've seen a glory hole online. you can email me for a time convienient for you. im home all-day most days so my schedule is open. do you prefer a certain color of lipstick? check out my pic and email here under imurboo
      ready and waiting, me ;o)