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305little snobby bitch wants to walk bo-legged for a few days from cock

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  • Casee
    Jan 9, 2007
      My body is trim and fit. Not all men can handle fucking during that time of the month but that is what I need. I am SO horny and just got my period. DD free/condom use a must. All we need is a cheap towel under me and your willingness to fuck my extra wet pussy and I will grant you all sorts of favors my fingers in your ass while I pump your cock...sucking your cock deep while you pull my hair and call me names. I need to be your bitch in heat. But need you to have AC to keep me cool between rounds! I need to hear filth from your mouth to get me off, you spew words to get me there and then spew your cum in my mouth, cunt, ass! C'mon, I need a fit 20 to 50 something guy ready to fuck me long and hard....Give this bitch what she needs....
      kisses, me
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