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Tall's Party time

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  • Paul Gibbs
    Greetings all, You are invited to our party! On: Saturday 26th August (Bank Holiday weekend) At: Tall Towers , 48 The Granary, Wynyard Village, Billingham,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2006
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      Greetings all,
      You are invited to our party!
      On: Saturday 26th August (Bank Holiday weekend)
      At:'Tall Towers' , 48 The Granary, Wynyard Village, Billingham, Cleveland.
      TS22 5QG.
      From: 3:00pm onwards.
      Why? Because we want to! Well, a belated happy birthday for all our friends
      who have birthdays around the same couple of weeks in May as Claire
      (including now Rhiannon), and it's jolly well time we threw another party.
      What? Food, fun and chlling out.
      Who? You of course, and your kids, partners, pets etc! The timing is
      deliberate so that small people can come too.
      Contributions: BYOB. We will put on a barbecue. If you'd like to bring
      something puddingy that would be lovely, but not at all essential.
      If you're coming some distance you are very welcome to stay over, but do
      in mind it will be a patch of floor or garden so bring the requisite kit.
      Ant and Becki - the spare room is bagged for you and Gideon if you want it.
      Everyone: Please let us know if you're coming, and if you're staying
      over so
      we know how many sausages and weetabix to buy!
      If you're not staying and you want to meet the girls, bear in mind they
      go to
      bed at about 7pm.
      See you!
      Claire, Paul, Alex and Rhiannon

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