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Fwd: Teams Wanted For BBC Quiz Series "Eggheads"

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  • Colin Hopkins
    Forwarding in case anybody is interested in forming a team... ... From: Caroline Walsh Date: 31 Jan 2008 17:37 Subject: Teams
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      Forwarding in case anybody is interested in forming a team...

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      From: Caroline Walsh <Caroline.Walsh@...>
      Date: 31 Jan 2008 17:37
      Subject: Teams Wanted For BBC Quiz Series "Eggheads"
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      Dear Colin and Mike,

      I'm emailing you from a TV production company 12 Yard with reference to our popular BBC2 quiz series "Eggheads". We are returning for a 9th Series and we are looking for fun and interesting teams to take part. Each team needs to consist of 5 members with an additional person as a stand by. We will soon be holding auditions throughout the North East for teams interested in appearing on the show and I was wondering if members from your club might interested in applying.

      We are looking for people who, along with friends / family / work mates, like a challenge and enjoy testing their General Knowledge.  If you have not seen the show before, we have created the ultimate quiz team containing five of the greatest quiz show champions in recent history! Every day, a new team of challengers take on the intellectual goliaths for a chance of winning a cash prize. Every time the Eggheads win, that prize increases until it's eventually claimed by a team who are able to overcome them. During the last series a team of students challenged the Eggheads and won an incredible £75,000 so it's definitely worth having a go!

      If any of your members are interested in putting a team together then please let me known, or feel free to pass on my contact details. I have attached an application form for your reference.

      If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

      Kind regards,

      Caroline Walsh
      12 Yard Productions
      Tel: 020 7659 2752

      www.12yard.com <>

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