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The Purchase of eGroups by Yahoo

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  • Jim Robertson
    Hopefully we have each scanned over the Press release, and the series of FAQs & Answers which I circulated recently. Maybe we could pick up the story from
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 22, 2000
      Hopefully we have each scanned over the Press release, and
      the series of FAQs & Answers which I circulated recently.
      Maybe we could pick up the story from these documents.

      There has recently been intense discussion and airing of concerns in the
      Open "Merger" Group at eGroups, by many Group Owners, Moderators, and
      others with a frightening level of skills and ingenuity in the manner in
      which they make use of eGroups facilities, in the running of their Groups.
      This has come about because of the natural nervousness many people have
      about Yahoo's intentions, after a very rough take over of Geocities a year
      or so ago. Many of these concerns are of little relevance to the very basic
      activities which we conduct in our
      Experimental Group. Can I just concentrate on those issues which are of
      direct concern to us.

      There will be a general move to rationalise activities in the first Quarter
      of 2001, but it does seem clear that our Email activities will continue in
      much the same style as they do today.
      Interestingly, eGroups mailing facilities are known to be vastly superior
      to those of Yahoo, and it is these skills which were a major consideration
      in the purchase decision. Yahoo desperately needed them to improve their
      sprawling range of "Clubs", whose facilities are a very pale shadow of
      those we enjoy thro' eGroups. Our Groups structure, and our addresses will
      continue virtually undisturbed, and we will still be able to carry out all
      our Email activities without the need to go into our Home Page. The only
      disturbance will come about where there is overlap with Group and Club
      Names, and there are bound to be some losers and winners here! I can find
      no sign of an "dundee history" anywhere in the Yahoo range of Clubs, many
      of which are quite juvenile in nature!! (I'll deny saying that if challenged)

      The big rub for us will come in the routine we have to go thro when we wish
      to , or have to enter our Home Page to do a number of things - read our
      back Messages, examine our range of Links, check on Files, or to change our
      mail delivery options, or addresses. It is quite definite that to enter the
      WWW Pages, we shall each have to acquire a Yahoo ID. This has to be quoted
      whenever one wants to enter the Yahoo web pages and Clubs, and out of
      interest I have to do this when editing my Pages at Geocities. The
      acquisition of a Yahoo ID is actually no big deal. It just needs a bit of
      forethought and determination!! The problem is suggesting a unique name,
      which is not already in use.

      I have just registered a second Yahoo ID - "ipn_jimjar".
      One could also go for say "dde_gemini". or maybe "dde_xyz"
      I had no problem whatsoever having settled on the "ipn" prefix.
      We have some months in which to secure Yahoo IDs, and in a week or so I'll
      be circulating some guidance notes on this process. When carried out with
      care , this avoids any contact with Yahoo Mail systems, or with commercial
      offers, and
      so far as I have experienced the system neither increases or decreases the
      incidence of"Spam" offers to make $100000
      in a couple of weeks - they all go unopened into Trash.

      Yahoo's Terms of service.

      There are ten pages of these terms! When securing a Yahoo ID everyone is
      asked to accept them, or to walk away! In the main they are not very
      different from those imposed on us by eGroups, with one important
      exception. Yahoo in their Clause 8c require the copyright of users
      material, which is on their web pages, and this does cause some worry to
      Authors and Illustrators who do exchange a lot of their original material
      thro' their eGroups. Not a problem for us mercifully.

      I shall be keeping a close eye on developments in the coming month or two,
      and will keep you posted. I am also doing a bit of contingency planning, in
      case at the end of the day, we decide to move elsewhere to somewhere like
      Smartgroups, who operate out of the UK, and seem free from threat from
      Yahoo at the moment. They do not have advertising either, which eGroups
      have recently imposed upon us.

      My next note will be about the process of securing a Yahoo ID, and about
      the precautions one should be taking to avoid any problems.

      Sorry that this is a trifle on the long side!!
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