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[dundee-history] First Footing.

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  • Don McEwan
    ... SNIP ... Are you sure you don t have that facility, as the admin man, Jim? Not that you should necessarily bother! :o) ... You have reminded me of first
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 26 5:09 PM
      Jim Robertson wrote:
      > With so many new members in recent months, it will be helpful to all of us to
      > circulate a recent reminder from eGroups, about the subtle, but vital
      > difference between Registering with eGroups as a whole, and Subscribing
      > to a particular Group - like " dundee-history "..
      > ""Registration versus Subscription: Educating Your Members on the
      > Difference
      > ======================================================================
      > Did you know


      > I cannot check on any members Registration Status,

      Are you sure you don't have that facility, as the admin man, Jim?
      Not that you should necessarily bother! :o)

      > but where some of us have
      > had difficulties in the past in
      > accessing say the Vault, that does suggest that they have not gone fully the
      > Registration mill !
      > Good luck. Hopefully we will all be fully Registered in time for Hogmanay !!
      > Jimmie Robertson.
      > For those going First Footing - remember to have that lump of coal, and the
      > dressed kipper, or a dram in your hand!
      > First in should be a tall dark haired fellow! Dundee used to split itself into
      > two camps - the home teams, and the
      > first footers. A system that worked very well for both groups!!
      > ------------------------------------------------------------------------

      You have reminded me of first footing in the Fifties - I think the
      'parent' generation stayed in with the grub and the drink while the
      'next' generation gang walked MILES from house to house visiting all
      their parents and singing all the way. I seem to recall that the
      planned time scale collapsed quite quickly - we tended to get
      side-tracked into houses with a good sing-song going and parents used
      to specify "If your not here by 2 a.m. we will go to bed! Don't waken

      As Dundee spread out into the new 'Schemes' it became more difficult,
      I doubt it happens much now.

      Don McEwan
      West Lothian

      Jings, Crivvens & Help Ma Boab.!
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