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[dundee-history] eGroups Registration , and Subscription to a Group

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  • Jim Robertson
    With so many new members in recent months, it will be helpful to all of us to circulate a recent reminder from eGroups, about the subtle, but vital difference
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 26, 1999
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      With so many new members in recent months, it will be helpful to all of us to
      circulate a recent reminder from eGroups, about the subtle, but vital
      difference between Registering with eGroups as a whole, and Subscribing
      to a particular Group - like " dundee-history "..

      ""Registration versus Subscription: Educating Your Members on the
      Did you know that your group members need to be officially registered
      with the eGroups service to be able to access our features? For
      example, if any of your group members are subscribed to your group,
      but are not registered with eGroups, they will not be able to access
      the many valuable features such as the vault, calendar, chat room, and
      As you know, these features enhance and enrich the group communications
      experience, so we want to make sure all of your members have full
      access to them.
      You may want to send a message to your group(s) asking members if they
      have registered at the eGroups site. They might think that because they
      are subscribed to your group, they are also automatically registered
      with eGroups. You'll want to clarify that these two processes are
      separate - they can be subscribed to a group without being registered
      at eGroups.
      For those members who are not registered, just let them know that they
      can quickly and easily register at www.egroups.com. They will need to
      enter their email addresses and choose a password. This will enable
      them to utilize the many useful features at eGroups.
      1) Registration at eGroups and subscription to a group are two
      different things.
      2) Your members must be officially registered at eGroups to have
      access to features and benefits.
      3) When your members register at eGroups they will have acces to
      features such as the calendar, the vault for file sharing and much
      more located at the web site.
      4) Check with your members today to find out if they have officially
      registered at eGroups and let them know the benefits they gain
      when they do register!""

      I cannot check on any members Registration Status, but where some of us have
      had difficulties in the past in
      accessing say the Vault, that does suggest that they have not gone fully the
      Registration mill !
      If you do go to the erGroups home page at http://www.egroups.com and find
      your personal address
      recorded , then all is well - you are Registered, and need do nothing further.
      Otherwise follow the procedure
      for Registration, and do remember to write down your Validation number, and
      Password, and save them safely!

      Good luck. Hopefully we will all be fully Registered in time for Hogmanay !!

      Jimmie Robertson.

      For those going First Footing - remember to have that lump of coal, and the
      dressed kipper, or a dram in your hand!
      First in should be a tall dark haired fellow! Dundee used to split itself into
      two camps - the home teams, and the
      first footers. A system that worked very well for both groups!!
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