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  • Edmund Raphael
    I can t quite get the thread of this story, which seems to have inspired a rally in favour of the working man and against celebrities . Recently termed
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 29, 2011
      I can't quite get the thread of this story, which seems to have inspired a rally in favour of the "working man" and against "celebrities". Recently termed "celebrities" one considers to be pop stars and people in fashion; certainly sorts of people who do not feature as heroes or long-term historical figures.
      However, I cannot agree that life as a plumber or a bus driver could ever generate such enthusiastic interest, historically, as an "ordinary" person such as Adam Duncan, who won the battle of Camperdown, for an example. Mrs. Keiller became locally famous for her jam-making but I expect that there were hundreds more Dundonian women of the time, who made better jam than Mrs. Keiller. But that one fact would not fill memorable pages of a history book.
      One must differentiate between short-term heroes like the plumber,  who quickly comes to attend to a burst pipe and the hero, who wins a battle, thus protecting his entire nation from falling into the hands of the foe. Whilst both are equally important, one is more memorable, as he helped to change history.
      Let's not knock eachother just for the sake of things.
      Edmund Raphael 
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      I so agree.

      Even as a child I could not understand the  way people fawn over celebrities instead of taking pride in  their parents who might be a plumber etc.

      Most people will find famous people in their ancestory ( if they do the research) however,  it is the common man who had to struggle without fame are riches that interest me.

      So glad YOU posted  your remark. I will add it to my descriptive history of the times of my ancestors.

      Moria, CA, USA

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      I must take exception to the remarks from so called history buffs.  History is made by individual people living their lives.  The video of Dundee streets were a review of history.  I point out the large crofter type cottage next to much more modern looking (19th Century) multi story buildings.  This shows the passage of the time and history of a people.  You are right, there are sites which focus on the battles and speeches by heroes.  However, the less famous everyday people make a bigger dent.  Without the Peasant's, there wouldn't have been much of a peasant's march or perhaps a movement toward the power of the middle and merchant classes.  Without the thousands of ordinary men who died in the trenches of World War I, Haig and Lloyd George would have looked kind of lonely out on the battlefields of Picardy.
      Get a life and look around; history is happening all around us as we speak in the streets of cities and towns all over the world.

      Starve the Fear; Feed the Faith! 


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      Here's a video slideshow of some old Dundee Streets by me to help - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=da3Q6XY6L0g

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      Very many thanks for that.
      I am as broadminded a person as you will find but I do think that there are sites for history and intellect, whilst there are others for almost everything else. Your member ought to have thought first.
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      > If this is the best information a member can get from Dundee History, then I prefer to resign my membership.

      G'Day to you Edmund,

      The message to which you refer has been deleted from our records.
      It could scarcely be described as the best of anything!! The author's membership has been similarily dealt with.
      As you know - we can do better !!


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