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  • Charlotte Juarez
    I lived at 7 Hill Street from birth until we were moved to St Mary s around 1963 or so. I vividly remember the Clydesdales that were kept in the pend across
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      I lived at 7 Hill Street from birth until we were moved to St Mary's around 1963 or so. I vividly remember the Clydesdales that were kept in the pend across the street from our house next to Hill Street School. Used to watch them plodding home with their carter from my bedroom window and what a thrill it was when the carter let me come over and in my small child way comb them a wee bit. Also remember the Clydesdale's holding up traffic in Victoria Road as they backed into the mills. This excuse, I told my children, was the Scottish equivelant when I was late for the Harris of "the dog ate my homework." Glad to say my children and grandchildren all have an affinity for the Budweiser Clydesdales because of Dundee stories and not their trademark beer! /Charlotte Alvoet in Phoenix, Arizona

      To: dundee-history@yahoogroups.comFrom: brian.doonthetoon@...: Sat, 26 Jan 2008 21:54:50 +0000Subject: [dundee-history] Re: Stables in Dundee

      On 26 Jan 2008, at 16:45, dundee-history@yahoogroups.com wrote:> I stumbled across a website which mentioned '2 and 3-storey city> stables in Dundee, near to the docks' for working shire-horses in > about> 1900.> I have not heard mention of them before.> Does anyone know where any of these might have been located?> Peter.Hi Peter.During the 1950s, my maternal grandfather worked in stables just off Dock Street. My Mum used to take me down to visit him and clap the horses, which, I think, were Clydesdales, used for pulling carts. This method of carriage faded out in the 60s. The last working horse in Dundee was called "Paddy".I believe my grandad entered competitions where horses were dressed up as there are some photos somewhere in the family collection.From memory, the stables at which my granddad worked were in a small lane which was a cul-de-sac, so I had a look at the 1912 street plan at the National Library of Scotland web site.http://www.nls.uk/maps/early/scotland.cfm?id=1208Click on the map to open it up in a separate window where you can move about and zoom in and out.Links for all the available Dundee street plans are on the page at:-http://www.nls.uk/maps/early/towns.html#dundeeIt would appear that the the lane from my memory is an anonymous lane running north between Gellatly Street and Candle Lane. I'm sure I had a look into that lane a couple of years ago and remnants of stable use were still visible.I had a look at the maps back to 1821. The lane looks like a sparse line of cottages or whatever in 1821 but is recognisable as a lane from the 1846 map onwards, but with no name.Doon 8=)

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