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Re: Blackscroft and Foundry Lane area

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  • tis_peter
    Thanks Dave. You breathe a spark of life into the area with your description. It is partly because of a family by the unusual name of Blackery that I am
    Message 1 of 4 , May 30, 2007
      Thanks Dave.
      You breathe a spark of life into the area with your description.

      It is partly because of a family by the unusual name of Blackery that
      I am interested, but I think that they mostly scattered to places
      like Perth and Crail.

      I am interested in the industrial history of Dundee and the way
      people were squeezed in amongst the mills.

      --- In dundee-history@yahoogroups.com, "Dave Perks" <banjo046@...>
      > Foundry lane was wqs demolished in the late 60s' The Lane ran east
      to west from the junction of The Seagate and Blackscroft to the
      junction of Peep O day Lane . At the west end on the north side there
      was a public convinience the stairs that ran up to the Blackscroft.
      Next to this was a tenement, which in North america would be
      described as a three story tenement ( in Dundee a two story) there
      was twenty four families lived here. Next to that the was a part of
      the old foundry still standing and was used by a building
      contractor. The old foundry
      > had been demolished many years before. At the east end there was
      another tenement. This one was a three story and housed sixteen
      families, This tenement also housed the author of Frankenstien.
      > On the south side of the lane running mid way up was the Cleansing
      department, where at one time all of Dundee's garbage was taken to be
      sorted. before being dumped in the various land fills.
      > On this side was also the coal yards where most of the coal
      merchants in Dundee had their coal delivered.
      > The lane stopped at the junction of Peep O Day lane where the gas
      works took up the whole side of the lane on the east side from Dock
      Street To the junction of Wallace Brae, Blackscroft and the Ferry
      > There was also a small church on the corner of Peep O Day and
      Foundry lanes. The name escapes me now Also on Peep O day there was a
      small three story tenement which housed twelve families.
      > I hope this helps you in your search. If it is ancesturs that you
      are looking for, I might be able to help you as I knew and still
      remember many of the names of the people who lived in that area.
      > Dave Perks.
      > Ontasrio Canada
      > On the ----- Original Message -----
      > Subject: [dundee-history] Blackscroft and Foundry Lane area
      > Please can someone tell me when the Blackscroft and Foundry Lane
      > ceased to be residential?
      > Presumably the area was tenements to pack people in close to the
      > that were just a little further uphill from the river Tay?
      > Can anyone describe what the area was like, please?
      > Peter Marshall
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