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  • Brian, Doon the Toon
    On 6 Apr 2007, at 09:02, the oriole , in ... Hi the oriole . If you go to:- http://www.nls.uk/maps/early/scotland.cfm?id=1208 you ll find a 1912 map of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2007
      On 6 Apr 2007, at 09:02, "the oriole", in
      dundee-history@yahoogroups.com's digest, wrote:

      > ...12 City Rd in Dundee as the place of birth. Can
      > anyone tell me if that was an old hospital and if so is it still there?
      > Also is it anywhere near Kincardine St.

      Hi "the oriole".

      If you go to:-


      you'll find a 1912 map of the city. Click on the map on the page and a
      new, smaller window will open up showing the map.
      You'll see self explanatory controls at the bottom of the window for
      panning and zooming. However, you can click on the map and it will zoom
      in, centred on where you clicked.

      When the map is displayed in its new window, you'll see Dundee Law is
      in the centre of the map. About a third of the way up the map between
      the bottom and Dundee Law, you can see streets forming a "Y" lying on
      its side, single leg pointing to your right.
      Click on the map, just between the two legs of the "Y". It will zoom in
      after each click. Four clicks just between the legs (sounds painful!)
      should take you to just left of the Y junction, where you should be
      able to see West Port to the extreme right, the Y junction itself,
      Hunter Street and further to the left, Kincardine Street.

      Towards the top of your zoomed in map, you should see "Brook Street".
      Zoom back out and follow Brook Street as it goes north westward. You'll
      come to a junction with Milnbank Road where Brook Street becomes
      Polepark Road.
      Follow Milnbank Road as it goes north west and, where it bends up to
      the north, it becomes City Road.

      BTW: older city plans/maps are at:-


      There is a plugin for viewing the maps, but it's not necessary. The
      older Ordnance Survey plans are a bit more awkward to navigate, as they
      are made up of separate sheets. I had a look at the area in question on
      the 1871-2 map and found that the street names changed between then and
      1912. For example, Scouringburn became Brook Street. On that plan, you
      have to move from sheet to sheet by clicking on the large original map,
      middle section. Its URL is:-


      As you hover the mouse over each section of the map. a wee box should
      appear with a number. Start with "Liv.9.3" (middle section of the third
      row up) and take it from there. As you click on a different section in
      the main map, it will appear in the pop up window for panning and

      Hope this is of some use to you.

      Doon the Toon 8=)
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