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St Marys Parish Church - dundee

Some years ago, Ken anton inserted a link to this Church in our links list http://www.dundeestmarys.co.uk http://www.dundeestmarys.co.uk Take the Photo Tour
Jul 17

Apologies - Our New set-up - Links are under "More"

Sorry - my memory is playing tricks on me - scrolling across the Headers of our Web page - click on "More" to bring up "Links" which Ii am reminded are in
Jul 17

Re: Blackness Vets Surgery

  G'Day Iain, Rob et al, I would ask us all to take time out to click on the link featured at the end of each of our messages -  scrolling down will take you
Jim Robertson
Jul 17

Re: Blackness Vets Surgery

But there may be some one who has an interest in this particular cathedral from a family perspective. Agreed that the site may be construed as an advert. Iain
Jul 17

Re: Blackness Vets Surgery

Hi Dundee History members, I do run a website by which I try to expose businesses and public places such as
Jul 17

Re: Blackness Vets Surgery

No is the only answer. Time and place for everything. Edmund Raphael ... From: jocklaidlaw@... [dundee-history] To: dundee-history@yahoogroups.com Sent:
Edmund Raphael
Jul 17

Re: Blackness Vets Surgery

Decorum in all things, even in 2015. He/she and his/her business are no use to me, as I live in mid-Devon! Edmund Raphael ... From: jimjar@...
Edmund Raphael
Jul 17

Re: Blackness Vets Surgery

I think that we should view this" one-of'f " link as an example of the interests of our newest member, who does run a web page highlighting local businesses
Jul 16

Re: Blackness Vets Surgery

Is this really valid?... Don't use Groups as a business. Yahoo Groups is a community not a marketplace, so we encourage interactions not transactions.
Jul 16

Blackness Vets Surgery

Blackness Vets Surgery Blackness Vets practice provides variety medical and surgical services for pets in Dundee. This Surgery is an RCVS Accredited Practice.
Jul 15

Street names and whaling

Hello everybody I have recently joined this site and hope to both share information and learn.I have some information on Dundee whaling ships and a few names
Malcolm Archibald
Apr 24

Re: caird carpets

... From: denyscarl@... [dundee-history] To: dundee-history@yahoogroups.com Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2014 10:47 AM Subject: [dundee-history] caird
Edmund Raphael
Aug 28, 2014

caird carpets

Does anybody has stories or pics of caird carpets (on Hawkhill) ? Carl
Aug 20, 2014

Re: Dundee's first policewoman

Hi Jenny, The launch went well, I talked a bit about the early policewomen and touched on Dundee's own policewoman Mrs Jean Forsyth Thomson. We had a turnout
Chris Longmuir
Jun 24, 2014

Re: Dundee's first policewoman

Hi Chris, Looks interesting - how did the launch go? Sorry that I couldn't be there, as I was in the middle of West Wales doing external examining for an MA
Jenny Blain
Jun 24, 2014
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