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96[dundee-history] Re: What - Still no New Messages !!

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  • Tweedbank@aol.com
    Apr 1, 1999

      I honestly think that if you had let some genealogy into your site that
      you would get more action. You could monitor the number of questions.
      Questions on genealogy usually lead to historical information about an area.
      I have learned more about the highland clearances, customs, churches being
      burned to the ground and rebuilt, from other genealogical websites. For
      instance, I once asked the question on your website, "Does 29 Albany Terrace,
      Dundee still exist? My mother Lizzie Fell Murdoch once lived there. You did
      not post this message. I don't know if it is still there but perhaps the
      answer might have been that it was torn down for a brand new highway or
      something or that there was a great fire in the year.....That helps me with my
      research but also tells something of the history of Dundee.

      I appreciate so far all the information on your website and have
      loved seeing the pictures of old Dundee.

      Just trying to help,

      Eva Anne in Scottsdale Arizona

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