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923Re: [dundee-history] Digest Number 141

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  • Doon The Toon
    Apr 1, 2001
      Hi "Grant Buttars". You said:-

      >As to the boards. I wouldn't imagine they have survived, but I'm
      >going to be in Dundee next week and should be speaking to someone 'in
      >the know', so I'll try and find out and let you know. If they
      >haven't survived, I hope the relevant information has to allow new
      >ones to be made.

      The Courier reported that a lot of the "ducumentary" archives had been
      dispersed from the school a fair time before the fire, with a view to
      making some of them available on a Morgan website, etc. (Includind
      details of the roll of honour)<BR>
      The latest I've heard is that a group of volunteers had been collating
      them via the Dundee City Archives, so maybe it would be worthwhile
      contacting Ian (spelling?) Flett, the City Archivist. I think his email
      address is at the Archives page on the council's website.


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