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771RE: [dundee-history] New to the group - Hotels

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  • Ken Anton
    Mar 1, 2001
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      Hello and welcome to the group.

      Mathers Hotel became the Tay Hotel in the 1970s and operated into the early
      1990s. It was used as a hostel till about 1998 and now lies empty and very
      forlorn. It is situated at the west end of Whitehall Crescent, at the foot
      of Union Street.

      Another former hotel nearby, the Royal Hotel at the top of Union Street at
      the Nethergate was converted into flats in 1995 approx. and is fully
      occupied. Hopefully the old Mathers building will be similarly converted
      and saved.

      Many of the old city centre hotels have moved on (new discussion thread

      The Angus Hotel was closed a couple of years ago to make way for the new
      Overgate shopping centre rebuild;

      There was also one at the top of Castle Street (can't remember its name)
      which became Chalmers Hall - a university hall of residence. This too is
      now closed.

      The Earl Grey hotel at the waterfront is now the Hilton.

      The Queens Hotel on Nethergate / Perth Road is still going strong, and in
      good shape.

      Best rgds


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      At 03:15 PM 28/02/2001 -0500, you wrote:
      >My grandparents were married at the Mather's Hotel in Dundee in 1898.
      >was that located? Is it still there?
      >I would be interested in knowing the very early history of Dundee. Is there
      >good book available or possibly a web site?

      Interestingly, my own Grandparents were married in Mather's Temperance
      Hotel around 1898 also! It is at the foot of Union St, and the corner of
      Whitehall Crescent., now close to the road access to the road Bridge.
      There is a great PC in our files of a lady passing the Hotel splendidly set
      up on a cart and horse.

      Re Books - Have a look at my list of books about Dundee - it is hopefully at
      http://jimjar.net/DUNDEE. You might get some of the more recent books ex
      a Library exchange scheme locally.

      Jim Robertson - Eumundi, Qld., Oz.

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