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732Re: New member,Dundee questions

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  • sam.ball@btinternet.com
    Feb 4, 2001
      There were two Union Places.
      The first was in Lochee now demolished.

      The second is off the Perth Road, a cul de sac, and the next road to
      Step Row. I used to live at number 29 (in the late 40's) therefore 26
      would be on the left as you walk down the road probably just past
      Lotties shop.

      I have not been there for quite a few years and I think looking at
      the aerial photographs on www.multimap.com that the left side has
      since been demolished.

      From memory, the housing was 3 storey tenements of the better style
      complete with indoor toilets! probably converted since the 1890's.

      The likely primary school would have been The Hawkhill Primary School
      off Cherryfield Lane.

      I hope this is the place you are referring to.

      Sam Ball

      --- In dundee-history@y..., patA41@a... wrote:
      > I am new to this group & have been enjoying the photos & other
      > material in the files, as well as reading past messages. I`ve
      > learned much about Dundee. I tried to post yesterday while I was
      > still a 'pending' member. That message must have been lost in
      > the "ether",so I will try again!
      > My grandfather,George Reid Wilson,was born in Dundee in 1890 & left
      > for Canada in 1912. Up until the late 1950`s I corresponded with
      > sister,May Wilson Smart, in Dundee. Being a child,I was not
      > interested in what they had to say about Dundee,though I know my
      > grandfather loved his home very much.( I was more interested in the
      > shortbread & marmalade my aunt sent!) I hope to remedy my ignorance
      > through this group! I have several questions which have come to
      > as I have been doing a genealogy of the Wilsons & Reids.
      > 1. My grandfather was born at 26 Union Pl. Can anyone tell me
      > this street was located & what type of housing was there in 1890?
      > What school would a child living there then have attended?
      > 2. My greatgrandparents lived at 349 Blackness Rd. from about 1920
      > to the mid 1930`s. In what section of Dundee was this street
      > & was it near Corso St? ( my aunt lived at #17 Corso)
      > 3. My Reid family lived in Highland Close,Overgate in the 1860`s.
      > What were living conditions like there at that time?
      > 4. My grandfather`s greatgrandfather was an "earthen ware dealer"
      > the (approx.) 1830`s. Would he have had a shop in the city? Also,
      > what exactly did a "calendar worker" do?
      > My thanks to anyone who can help me with these questions.
      > Pat Rodgers,Alden,NY,US
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