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622The Hilltown - Dundee

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  • Jim Robertson
    Oct 4, 2000
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      Back in message 579 on 5 Sept, I floated off the idea of creating a
      web page focussed on the Hilltown area.
      This gathered a fair amount of interest and support.
      I went digging for material - and struck gold - real "pay dirt" in gold
      miner's terms.

      An" A-Z of the Hilltown - A History of Dundee's first suburb" is listed in the
      TV FHS Book list - as itemD-04 price - one pound &50 pence plus postage.

      It is a really marvellous booklet published by the Grey Lodge in 1989.
      and reprinted in 1994. Any one interested in the Hilltown must buy this!!

      My thought of a web page have been killed stone dead. This is a really super
      book for those interested in the area - listing schools, Kirks, Closes,
      pubs etc.

      Go to the Tay Valley FHS new Web Page, and order it!
      This is at http://www.tayvalleyfhs.org.uk

      Jimmie R