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401[dundee-history] Parker Street

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  • Ken Anton
    Dec 19, 1999
      Hello All,

      I've just driven past Parker Street. It runs north from the junction of
      Lochee Road and Marketgait, at the south end, to a set of steps at the north
      end which climb up towards Barrack Road where the Dundee Royal Infirmary was
      until it closed last year.

      Parker Street is quite short. Only the buildings on the east side (the odd
      numbers) survive, the west side was demolished in the 1970s. The remaining
      east side starts at number 5, so 1 and 3 are gone to make way for the inner
      ring road, built around 1974. They are typical tenement flats, all houses,
      so the fruiterer at no 7 must be the residence, not the shop (the Dundee
      Directory lists both).

      At the corner of Parker Street and what is now the Marketgait ring road was
      an old church which housed the Elim Pentecostal Church. The buidling was
      demolished in the late 1970s and replaced by a new church building.

      Sorry, I didn't know that area prior to then, so can't help further.

      Best Regards

      Ken Anton

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      I looked up the Dundee Directory for 1926-27. Could not find a greengrocer.
      At #7 was Mrs Rose White a fruiterer. # 8 Miss Jemima Whitton confectr.
      There were two bakers Alexander Nicoll at # 8 and Thomas Phillips at # 12.
      Film has gone back to Salt Lake so I can't do any more look-ups.


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      Subject: [dundee-history] Parker Street

      >This would be a long time ago but my cousin was wondering if anyone
      >remembers a greengrocer's on Parker Street, just around the corner
      >Lochee Road? He used to be taken there as a child (somewhere
      >1925-30) and remembered the grocer as being very kind. Would anyone
      >familiar with that area??

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