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398[dundee-history] Parker Street

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  • William Lonie
    Dec 19, 1999
      I looked up the Dundee Directory for 1926-27. Could not find a greengrocer.
      At #7 was Mrs Rose White a fruiterer. # 8 Miss Jemima Whitton confectr.
      There were two bakers Alexander Nicoll at # 8 and Thomas Phillips at # 12.
      Film has gone back to Salt Lake so I can't do any more look-ups.


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      Date: Friday, October 01, 1999 4:50 PM
      Subject: [dundee-history] Parker Street

      >This would be a long time ago but my cousin was wondering if anyone
      >remembers a greengrocer's on Parker Street, just around the corner
      >Lochee Road? He used to be taken there as a child (somewhere
      >1925-30) and remembered the grocer as being very kind. Would anyone
      >familiar with that area??
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