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  • Edmund Raphael
    Oct 8, 2013
      Good morning, David.
      In my humble view, I doubt if you will be further enlightened by this site, if you are looking for new topics or, indeed, anything at all.
      However, your message has inspired me to draw members into a question of old Dundee cookery or, shall I rephrase this by asking members what they remember their mothers, grannies and aunties cooking, on an every day basis.
      I remember "Stovies" (Stoved Potatoes) which were made from dripping, potatoes and left-over meat, but how one would make it, quite defies me. On my last visit north, I saw "stovied" for sale in Goodfellow & Stevens but couldn't quite think that such a fine bakery would stock the stovies which I remembered.
      Any inspiration to tell us your memories; DON'T be shy.
      Edmund Raphael 
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       I am  not
      Really  a new member just a member wnohas been absent for some time and looking for some any news from the group. DAVE P.
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