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3026Yahoo's new Format for their Groups - including Dundee-History

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  • jim Robertson
    Sep 24, 2013
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      Hi everyone -

      Yahoo have upset the apple cart and changed the whole format of our
      Home page - with little or no warning.

      Our content appears still to be intact - but not immediately evident!!

      Once "logged in" the Main Headings each need to be investigated, one by one.

      "Conversations" - this includes recent messages, our long term message bank.

      "Photos" - opens up our various Photo Albums.

      "Events" - we have not used so far.

      "Polls" - we have not used previously.

      "More" - this opens up our "Files" - "Links" - "Data Base" - and
      "Attachments" XXX

      "Membership" - allows us to "Edit Membership" as in the past.

      "HELP" - do please explore this - It includes a feature - "New Yahoo
      Groups Overview & Feedback"

      There is a new broom "sweeping clean" somewhere at the top of the
      Yahoo structure.
      I suggest that we just take it all gently, and start an exploration
      of the new structure - systematically seeking out our "Old Friends"

      Keep looking at the Help/Feedback area, to see how other Groups are
      reacting. - Please DO this - and create your own Feedback..
      You will find many really big reactions under varuious headings,from
      members of All Groups - you can add your votes - you will find that
      you have 50 votes available - spread them around - three at a time
      - as I have done.

      Best wishes from a breathless Jimmie