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3025Re: [dundee-history] New Format for Groups at Yahoo!

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  • Jim Robertson
    Sep 21 1:29 PM
      Dear Edmund

      So happy to have your constructive comments, which are taken on board fully !!

      Will be responding more fully shortly, but still suffering from shellshock over Yahoo's intervention, which has hazarded the existence of three Groups of which i am a member - but which has created even wider mayhem around the entire Yahoo Group structure !!



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      Sat, 21 Sep 2013 11:52:40 +0100
      Re: [dundee-history] New Format for Groups at Yahoo!

      Dear Jim,
      I have never found th Dundee History site to be the most straightforward, especially for confused elderly and computing dunderheads, a description which absolutely befits at least one member, the undersigned.
      As I have before suggested, the group is no more than a collection of names (the members) who, as far as I can bring myself to understand,
      read the once monthly notification from H Q and the stray comment from a member about a vaguely interesting sort. The group seems to lack enthusiasm, perhaps because the members are almost all awaiting someone else to take a lead.
      Do please take this as constructive comment, as it is writen in no other vein, and, just perhaps, this old codger has 'got it completely wrong', something for which he apologises most generously.  
      With my kindest regards and due respect to all.
      Edmund Raphael
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      Sent: Friday, September 20, 2013 11:10 PM
      Subject: [dundee-history] New Format for Groups at Yahoo!


      Hi everyone -

      Yahoo have upset the apple cart and changed the whole format of our
      Home page - with little or no warning.

      Our content appears still to be intact - but not immediately evident!!

      Once "logged in" the Main Headings each need to be investigated, one by one.

      "Conversations" - this includes recent messages, our long term message bank.

      "Photos" - opens up our various Photo Albums.

      "Events" - we have not used so far.

      "Polls" - we have not used previously.

      "More" - this opens up our "Files" - "Links" - "Data Base" - and "Attachments"

      "Membership" - allows us to "Edit Membership" as in the past.

      "HELP" - do please explore this - It includes a feature - "New Yahoo
      Groups Overview & Feedback"

      There is a new broom "sweeping clean" somewhere at the top of the
      Yahoo structure
      I suggest that we just take it all gently, and start an exploration
      of the new structure - systematically seeking out our "Old Friends"

      Keep looking at the Help/Feedback area, to see how other Groups are reacting.

      Best wishes from a breathless Jimmie

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