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2525Re: Unicorn in drydock

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  • grahamkuk
    Aug 2, 2007
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      Thanks to everyone for the responses I received and the interest shown.
      I wasn't aware that Unicorn was in drydock in 1962 - I know about 1972
      because I was there and am still looking for the photos I took.

      I also came across some photos of the Victoria Arch and it reminded me
      of the incident that happened when it was being demolished - the big
      steel flagpole was tipped off the top by the workmen and it hit the
      ground then bounced straight over the site boundary fence and landed in
      the public car park next door flattening three cars - one of these
      belonged to my Dad and luckily he was in Edinburgh that day and he
      arrived back in the evening to see oor wee Mini-van with some seriously
      modified bodywork. Dad managed to drive it home and drove me and my
      older brother to Dens Road school the next day. Jings those were the
      days, we thought we were heroes turning up to school in the car that
      had been on the front page of the Tullie the night before.

      Now has anyone got that photo ???

      Thanks everyone, Graham

      > Hi Jim,
      > I remember when the Unicorn was moved in 1962, It was put in dry
      dock to be inspected as it was thought that extensive repairs were
      going to be required. What they found was that the keel and her boards
      were as sound as the day she was built
      > Dave
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