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2518Re: Unicorn in drydock

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  • Jim Robertson
    Jul 18, 2007
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      --- In dundee-history@yahoogroups.com, "grahamkuk"
      <graham.kennedy@...> wrote:
      > Last week I had the rare pleasure of staying in Dundee on business at
      > the Apex Hotel next to Victoria Dock and the Unicorn. I do remember
      > many years ago my Father asked me to get the camera out and go down to
      > the docks an photograph Unicorn in the dry dock at Dundee -

      Hi there Graham,

      I used to pass the Unicorn several times a week during the school
      holidays when she was moored next to the Public Baths, in the Earl
      Grey Dock.This was in mthe '40s when my Mother gave my sister and I
      "twelve timers" to get into the baths !!

      I have saved a couple of PCs of the Unicorn being towed out of this
      dock, via the Camperdown Dock, to her later restring place. These PCs
      were published by the Unicorn Preservation Society, Victoria Dock, Dundee.

      Over the next couple of days I shall scan these and place them in our
      web page, for all to enjoy. One shows her with two tugs fore and aft,
      with a helocopter overhead, in mid river. The other shows her being
      tugged out of the Dock area.

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