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2420Re: [dundee-history] Blackness address

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  • John G Duffus
    Dec 3, 2006
      Hi Ruth,

      80 Blackness Road was between Kincardine Street and Watsons Lane
      which to my knowledge is knocked down.

      At 12:29 03/12/2006, you wrote:

      >Hello everyone.
      >My relatives lived at 80 Blackness Road in Dundee for many years.
      >I was wondering if anyone could tell me if that address still exists.
      >If it does, what intersection is it closest to?
      >If it doesn't exist anymore, would anyone know what kind of dwelling
      >it would have been in the early 1930's?
      >I have tried google maps, but it will only give me the street, not the
      >specific address.
      >Thank you. Any help is much appreciated
      >Halfax, Canada
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