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2249Kelly Family Hilltown Dundee

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  • syjorovtown
    Oct 11, 2005
      Hello Everybody, My name is Sylvia & I've just joined your group,
      had a wonder around the webpage which I've found most interesting..
      Like to let you know abt our Kelly lot who were born in Ireland and
      moved to Dundee.. This is the family on the 1841 & 1851
      Michael Kelly is already desceased. I'm happy to send on my family
      tree report to anyone intersted. Would anyone know the name of the
      place where the family worked as Linen Loom Weavers & Linen Power?
      Weavers in Hilltown.
      1841 Census at Hilltown Dundee. Forfar Scotland
      Record in Book 83 Page 4.
      Bridget McLean Age 30 Born Ireland.(Don't know how she fits in
      Rachel Kelly Age 50 Linen Loom Weaver Born Ireland.
      (Rachel is most likely Michael's sister-in-law rather than sister?)
      Jean (Jane) Kelly Age 40 Linen Loom Weaver Born Ireland.
      Easter (Esther) Kelly Age 15 Linen Loom Weaver Born Ireland.
      Miles Kelly Age 14 Linen Power Weaver Born Ireland.
      Patrick Kelly Age 13 Linen Power Weaver Born Ireland.
      John Kelly Age 9 Born Ireland.
      Mary Kelly Age 5 Born Ireland.
      Ann Kelly Age 3 Born Ireland.
      Rosey Gourlay Age 25 Born Ireland. (Possibly she is a Border?)

      1851 Census Lyons Close Dundee Forfar, Scotland Z/11/25 ┬ľNo 10/
      Bridget McLean Head Age 40 UnMarr Born Derry Ireland, Occ Spinner
      George Kelly Nephew Age 25 UnMarr Born Derry Ireland, Occ Hand Loom
      Linen Weaver
      Michael Kelly Nephew Age 18 UnMarr Born Derry Ireland, Occ Hand Loom
      Linen Weaver
      Charles Kelly Nephew to Head Age 12 Born Maghera Derry Ireland Occ
      Manufr Winder
      Plus 8 McCoombs Nephew & Nieces listed. Plus 3 Visitors & 3 Lodgers
      also listed.

      I'm also interested in the dates of Registered Photographers to try
      and date my photo's for Dundee, I couldn't see anywhere on the
      webpage where you might have this info... He was a W. Lowden Cabinet
      Photo's Dundee. I did find a photo of a Elizabeth Lowden Dundee 1849
      in St Andrews Univerity Photographic Collection which might have
      been his wife? http://specialcollections.st-and.ac.uk/ As this is
      when I think our photo's were taken a couple of years before our
      Esther Kelly came to Australia. Well enough from me.. Any help
      would be appreciated. I see I've just got a email from the group in
      so off to read it.. Bye for now Sylvia.
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