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2066Re: World War 2 in Dundee

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  • gray1720
    Oct 11, 2004
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      > > My son is doing World War II at school and wanted to know if the
      > > children in Dundee were evacuated and if so,where.

      In 2003 Radio 4 did a series where various aged entertainers recalled
      their careers - this was in the 6.30pm "funny" slot. One of them was
      Bruce Forsyth. He recalled being evacuated - I forget where from - to
      Edinburgh. His father had a job that gave him a petrol ration and
      reason to go to Scotland so he went to visit his son. On seeing a
      battleship moored in the Firth of Forth, he took Bruce home with him,
      with a cry of "The damn war is closer here than it is at home!".

      I suspect that if children were being evacuated to Edinburgh - port,
      naval base, etc - then Dundee children probably GOT evacuees in their
      houses rather than becoming evacuees.

      Now the caveat - I was born in Essex in 1971, so have no first hand

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