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1467Dundee Royal Infirmary

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  • phuqlifescotland
    Jun 2, 2002
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      I was wondering if anyone has pictures or links to sites which has
      ppictures of either the outside or inside of the Dundee Royal
      Infirmary, I worked their as security when the place closed and i had
      a few pictures of parts of the buildings that which had been closed
      up many years ago and it was so unbelievable to be able to go around
      the building and see so much history.. it was such a same they
      knocked down several parts of the building.. I am so sentimental
      about the building cos i spent a lot of cold raining nights walking
      alone inside that hospital wondering if i would ever meet the "White
      Lady", i had heard this story from a few nurses i had met before the
      closing. Such worrying and scary nights....