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127[dundee-history] Re: Making History TODAY

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  • Don McEwan
    May 7, 1999
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      Jim Robertson wrote:
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      > Date: Friday, 7 May 1999 12:29
      > Subject: [dundee-history] Re: Making History TODAY
      > >In a message dated 5/6/99 6:26:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
      > >jimjar@... writes:
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      > ><< We seem to have run out of steam re History of yesterday - no reaction
      > > to the Links put up on our Message Board a week ago !!
      > This eGroup thing takes a bit of getting used to, I must admit. Across the
      > top of the Message Page, and many others are a series of black boxes re
      > Info - Messages - chat - calendar - vault - links - database - polls etc
      > Find this row of boxes, and hit Links.
      > You should then see the links which I have entered - all of them about
      > Dundee and it's history.
      > Keep digging around in eGroups. It will pay dividends.
      > The HELP tag which you will see at the top right hand corner is really
      > exhaustive, and very helpful. Print out chunks of it !!
      > Jim R Eumundi Qld Oz

      It took me some time to work out/ find out what you meant, Jim - I get
      this List by e-mail so I don't visit the e-group site often, if at all.

      Just another instance of two users seeing something different when they
      look at the same thing - if you see what I mean.!

      The elections are over - *I* am disappointed - it looks like Labour -
      +Librral Democrat, probably - will be the 'Government' in Scotland (if
      that's what they will be called).
      As usual, the technical improvement in SNP vote numbers (up 7%) with the
      drop for Labour (down 7%) hasn't shown in the first-past-the-post
      results. But at least the Proportional part of the new methods have
      give the SNP the second place - or main opposition.
      One expert pointed out that the choice of collecting the second votes by
      'Region' rather than Nationally was designed to reduce the effect on the
      number of SNP seats it produced - and had been very successful.!
      The voting system rules were, of course, decided by the London UK Labour
      government. The crunch will come when we see if London continues to
      rule through the new Scottish 'First Minister' - Donald Dewar, Scottish
      Secretary in the London UK cabinet until now.

      Don McEwan

      Jings, Crivvens & Help Ma Boab.!

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