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123[dundee-history] Making History TODAY

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  • jimjar@ozemail.com.au
    May 6, 1999
      We seem to have run out of steam re History of yesterday - no reaction
      to the Links put up on our Message Board a week ago !! Surely there
      must be some more to come from our members !!

      I shall be adding two further links of relevance to Dundee and it's surroundings, which touch on the History of days gone by -
      The Angus Council-Welcome Page.- a very nicely set up site with
      useful Historical info.

      The other Link is about the making of History TODAY. The Scottish Election
      will be under way by now, and counting will start shortly. During the
      night a special WWW Site will be reporting History Making News as it
      happens - at <http://www.scottishelections.co.uk>.

      Do dig around our Links, and let's have some reaction.
      Even "G'Day, I've seen them!" would be nice !!

      Jim R Eumundi, Qld., Oz.

      eGroup home: http://www.eGroups.com/group/dundee-history
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