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  • Dave
    Nov 19, 2001
      --- In dundee-history@y..., Jim Robertson <jimjar@o...> wrote:
      > At 03:34 PM 03/02/2001 +0000, Pat Rogers wrote:
      > > I have several questions which have come to mind
      > >as I have been doing a genealogy of the Wilsons & Reids.
      > > 1. My grandfather was born at 26 Union Pl. Can anyone tell me
      > >this street was located & what type of housing was there in 1890?
      > There were two Union Streets, cant' spot the Place! One was opposite
      > the City Churches, running down towards the river - all shops and
      > above. On the south side of the Nethergate. The other was toward the
      > East of the Centre just North of St Andrews Church, off Wellgate.
      > Both would have been central residential/shop areas.
      > > 2. My greatgrandparents lived at 349 Blackness Rd.
      > The Blackness Road was/ still is, a major road running up to the NW
      > of the town reaching Balgay Park. Corso St was a little short St
      > west off Peddie st on the S side of the Blackie, just short of the
      > Poor House.
      > > 3. My Reid family lived in Highland Close,Overgate in the 1860`s.
      > In a word - appalling, they still were in the 1930s! Now
      > Highland Close ran North from the Overgate up to Willison St -
      > was one of around ten tenement closes between Lindsay St
      > and Barrack St.
      > > 4. My grandfather`s greatgrandfather was an "earthen ware
      dealer" in
      > >the (approx.) 1830`s. Would he have had a shop in the city? Also,
      > >what exactly did a "calendar worker" do?
      > a claendar was a great heated mangle used in the processing of
      > woven flax, and later jute.
      > How's that for starters!!
      > Jimmie R
      > >My thanks to anyone who can help me with these questions.
      > >Pat Rodgers,Alden,NY,US
      > >
      > >Hello

      Have been trawling through the archives and came across this entry on
      Union Place. Strangely enough 26 Union Place which is situated off
      the Perth Road on the left, just after Step Row is where my
      Grandparents lived Mr & Mrs J Evans, as a kid I used to go there
      every Sunday after church, catching the tramcar from outside the
      Gaumont Cinema, it was a tenement building near the bottom of Union
      Place. Hope this helps.


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