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Re: RU help

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  • gameogre <richh10@yahoo.com>
    ... Plus, sometimes there is no winning ... a winning ... This from you? Doesn t this depend a lot on the expectations of the manager? I haven t seen a
    Message 1 of 76 , Feb 1, 2003
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      --- In duel@yahoogroups.com, dwayne@C... wrote:
      Plus, sometimes there is no winning
      > setup. There's a "won't lose as bad setup" but definitely not
      a "winning
      > one".

      This from you? Doesn't this depend a lot on the expectations of the
      manager? I haven't seen a roll-up yet that I believe you couldn't
      set up and actively manage to a winning record in basic, (Only a
      couple handfuls that I couldn't) and that's all many of the people
      posting bad roll-ups say they are seeking.

      > How does this analogy relate? Sending a warrior to the Dark Arena
      > hardly "not trying". If you don't DA that piece of junk warrior
      you just got,
      > you won't get that runnable warrior that is waiting around the

      It is not trying to run/win with that set up. You may well have
      nothing left to learn about running all manner of warriors but this
      simply isn't true of everyone. Besides, some people get more
      pleasure from working hard for unexpected success with the ugly ones
      than rolling over 80% of their competition because they only run
      actual or potential exceptionals. It really doesn't take much
      managing for a basic arena playing, blue moon tourney player, to
      succeed with 21/17's or the equivalent. (And what's wrong with
      Str/Ba/TP? This sounds remarkably like the composition of your
      Zalcon team.)

      > Finding the right balance of DA'ing to keep is a critical skill to
      > development of a manager. If your criteria is too stringent,
      you'll burn out
      > and quit. If your criteria is too loose you'll lose a lot,
      underachieve and
      > feel frustrated.

      I do agree. But this balance will be worlds apart for someone who
      wants to compete at all the levels of the game you do and someone
      who is proud of his hard work to make a 55% W/L in basic while
      running everything they get for 10 turns or more. Both are doing
      what they want in the game and are worthy of consideration.

      - Rich / Slaughter Priest
      > Dwayne/Manager
    • LeBeau Robert C
      It is believed that 17 str is auto good damage. Perhaps it didn t use to be and they changed it sometime after 1987. So after you trained str once it checked
      Message 76 of 76 , Jun 11, 2003
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        It is believed that 17 str is auto good damage. Perhaps it didn't use to be and they changed it sometime after 1987. So after you trained str once it checked the 'new' damage matrix and said "hey, this guy should do good damage, give him a bump."? Just a thought.


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        Subject: [duel] Re: RU help

        What about this guy, Assur?


        Classic old-timey Biff basher. TV'd with that in the apprentices in Tempe
        last year... designed it in maybe 1987 and then it sat for over a decade...

        And it only did normal damage on overview, had to train str. once to get
        good, though 17/4 is often touted as an auto-good damage...

        manray f.

        --- In duel@yahoogroups.com, Mikey Alexander <assurnasir@y...> wrote:
        > I'm pretty dead set against making small bashers right now. (though I'm
        > actually rolling up a similar Size 7 guy, but I expect to DA it before
        > it ever sees a fight.) And 15 Wit/ 9 Will is pretty sad, though this
        > guy looks like a good record padder for the short term.
        > Mikey
        > WFMS101@A... wrote:
        > > Love this guy as a 21-4-4-15-9-14-17 BA (you think, Assur?) or ST
        > >
        > > In a message dated 6/10/2003 12:19:04 AM Eastern Standard Time,
        > > jameslay@c... writes:
        > >
        > > > Here's a little dandy. Any thoughts?
        > > >
        > > > 17-4-4-10-9-13-13
        > > >
        > > > James/Apex
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